Thursday, March 4, 2010

A problem wall becomes a beautiful view.

This was another problem wall.  The client
didn't like her hall to the master bedroom.  It had a concave
wall she couldn't hang anything.  Using her Italian
ceramic birdbath a new stone wall with a window was painted to
create a beautiful view.
A few more doves were painted to complete the look.

Corpus Christi Home

The owners wanted a Hacienda look for their dining room. The walls are a warm golden brown glaze over  distressed skip troweled walls. Decorative painting was added to two doorways and below the chair rail to give the room a sophisticated spanish flair.

Trompe l'oeil Niche

A wall that was too curved to hang a painting became a perfect painted niche complete with a decorative vase and books.  Some outgoing letters lay on the shelf ready to be mailed.

Bringing Nature into a Kitchen

This client wanted to bring the outdoors in.  The walls were glazed in two soft greens.  A garden gate was painted to invited you outdoors.  Notice the tile floor continued on into the "garden".  Branches with birds nesting in teacups added whimsy and tied nature to kitchen. 

Thursday, February 18, 2010

San Diego Girl's Castle Bedroom

The owner wanted her daughter's room to be a castle. The entire room became "castle walls" done in trompe l'oeil castle blocks. There was only one window so another "view" was added with "stairs" to a private balcony. Her bed was later placed so at night she slept under the dreamy wisteria branches. This princess room will suit a little girl for a long time.

Master Bedroom Ruins

A master bedroom became ancient ruins with trompe l' oeil columns and crumbling stone walls under a blue sky. Just a hint of greenery was added to soften the room.

Houston Living Room Walls

This condo apartment needed luxurious walls as a  backdrop
for it's Venetian furnishings.
 A lusterstone wall finish in a combination peacock and cobalt blue
that looks like silk damask was perfect.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Houston Master Bedroom

This is the master bedroom in the Venetian condo. 
The ceiling and frieze were individually painted and then gold-leafed.
The walls are a plaster stencil resembling aged fabric.